Good Mix of Trades At Royal Square Novena

RETAIL SHOPPING– The retail shopping will consist of a total of 222 shops ranging in size from 226 to 904 sq. feet.. There will be 51 dining facilities ranging in size from 280 to 4,790 sq. feet in size. Both shopping and dining will be situated throughout the first, second, and sixth levels. They will be located at 103 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore. Visitors to Royal Square will have the opportunity to shop or dine as well as visit the medical offices. The medical personnel will enjoy the convenience of having access to both during their workday.

MEDICAL SUITES– The 171 luxury medical suites will be sized between 429 – 786 sq. feet and will be located from the seventh to twenty-first levels. The seventh and eighth levels will be specific to cardiology, ninth level will be day surgery. There will also be a laboratory and imaging centre available. The medical suites will be located at 101 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore. Medical personnel seeking top facilities for their medical practice will be drawn to Royal Square’s architecture and quality of construction as well as central location in Singapore. We can download Royal Square Floor Plan here.

HOTEL — The 250- hotel rooms will be from the twenty-second to thirty-third levels. The 4-star, well-appointed accommodations will please the most discerning of travellers or medical tourists. One has only to take the lift several levels down to be seen by their physician. Relatives of the patient will enjoy the convenience of the restaurants and shopping on the lower levels, as well as the close proximity to other area retail.

CAR PARK– The car park will be from the second to fifth levels.
In total, Royal Square is designed to accommodate 25 retail shops, 26 restaurant/dining facilities, and 171
medical suites. It will be a prime commercial centre in Singapore!